Systems and Symbols

The most critical point of control that the anti-White, globalist forces have over the populations of the West is control over the narrative.  All humans have some sort of narrative that makes up their identity. The narrative includes where you come from, who you are, and where you are going. For control over a population nothing is more effective than controlling the narrative.

The current narrative for Western humankind presents White humankind as the enemy of all peoples.  Whatever accomplishments White humankind has achieved is the result of stealing from non-White humans and all the lack of accomplishments of non-White humans is caused by White man oppressing them or outright stealing from them.  Non-White people lived in harmony with their environments within “rich,” “vibrant” and peaceful civilizations until White humankind took that away. White humans have absolutely no right to their own nations, communities, and institutions.  To suggest otherwise would…

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