Occam's Razor

The plight of anthropology is an interesting one.  If one were living in the early 20th century, anthropology would have been one of the most interesting subjects to study.  Anthropologists were beginning scientifically to understand human biodiversity, wrote on it, and had great influence on other disciplines.  Many of the best and brightest minds of this era, if not anthropologists themselves, were at least interested in anthropology.  Fast forward to today, and the subject of anthropology (esp. “cultural” anthropology) is nearly a joke, which as no influence outside its department and is generally mocked by better and brighter scholars.  While there still are many serious physical anthropologists, cultural anthropology has turned into a sort of religious cult (a secular version of religious creationists) whose only function seems to be to guard and protect the lies of The Cathedral (aka political correctness).  Much of this transition, from seriousness…

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