Occam's Razor

Less than three weeks before he died, Lawrence Auster published, on his blog, View From the Right, a chapter from an unfinished book, under the headline “Jews – The Archetypal Multiculturalists.”

The whole thing makes for quite a read. As I put it to our esteemed commenter Joe Walker, “much of it reads like Kevin MacDonald – but on steroids.”

It’s very long, though, so casual internet surfers will mostly have dismissed it at first glance: TL,DR.

Big mistake. It really is a must-read.

Auster himself suggested that the time & attention-challenged skip immediately to the final section: “How to oppose the Jewish agenda without anti-Semitism”

But, IMHO, the single best bit of many in the article is the penultimate section, entitled “Hoist by their own petard,” the first few paragraphs of which I here transcribe, fearless of copyright law, just like Mr. Auster always was:

* * * *…

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