New Washington Redskin Names (Satire)

How about some pro-white names: Washington Klansmen, Aryans, Blitzkrieg, Panzers? The Vikings refer to White Men and no one thinks that is demeaning. 

Or maybe some names that reflect the new black face of football. Afterall, it’s the greatest nigger show on earth! Blacks love to dance at every chance so how about the Washington Jigaboos, Darkies, Hood Rats, Gang Bangers, Jungle Bunnies? 

Or maybe football is too masculine and should tip its hat to strong women: How about the Washington Amazons, Feminazis, Pink Power, Medusas, Harpies?

What about more gay sounding names such as the Fudge Packers, Tight Ends, Wide Receivers, Butches, Cruisers, Chicken Hawks, Butt Pirates. Faggy Pants, Trannies, Leathermen?

Or we should have more names that refer to politicians such as the Washington Treason, Scalawags, Scumbags.

Or what about names referring to current enemies such the Washington Al Qaeda, Allahu Akbar!, Terrorists, Taliban? 

Anyway, if Washington really wanted to help American Indians they should get them off their alcohol and welfare dependency. Let them run their own state totally independent from the USA. 

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