The Last Word on the Jews

Pragmatic Witness

WW~notes:  I’ve posted dozens of articles on the people that identify themselves as Jews and frankly I’m sick of it.  If you don’t know what these abominable people have done to our world get educated either here or somewhere else.  Ron Chapman has pretty much summed up what is a Jew and their detriment to our world.  Enough said!

Blaming the Jews — Ron Chapman

BAXTER:  “It’s not fair to consider low-level Jews knowledgeable about real history and real politics when they too are as brainwashed as the gentiles. The world operates in a pyramidal fashion on a need to know basis, and most Jews are not in the inner circle. They are in effect Shabbos goyim, like most gentiles. The crimes of the Jews are committed by a small extremist Zionist faction that is rather well camouflaged by your everyday Jew who…

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