Beats by Race

With whites, the favored beat is usually favored is light, straight, fast, without syncopation: boom chicka boom, polka,  or a rock and roll back beat come to mind. A train rolling over the tracks comes to mind.

With blacks, the favored beat is heavy, sensual, and emphatic. It calls attention to itself.

With latinos, the beat is usually a galloping beat that is complex and syncopated.

With jews, jazz comes to mind. It’s complex and chaotic. A lot of people of mixed race and jews are involved in jazz.

How beat-friendly are the races? Blacks and Latinos love the beat. Some whites have a history of not liking drumbeats. Classical music does not have any danceable drumbeat. Some country and bluegrass musicians in old times did not like drumbeats. And you can see why, because now most radio “country” sounds like watered down Lynnard Skynard rock music or worse.


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