Our Race is Our Home

Interesting, though Christianity is universalist and not racially exclusive. Why would Christians bother to convert other peoples if is was not universalist? The author seems to be throwback to an earlier time when scholars knew the beliefs of their forefathers.

Cambria Will Not Yield

Shepard_Ratty's_riverbank_homeThe true lawgiver ought to have a heart full of sensibility. He ought to love and respect his own kind, and to fear himself. –Edmund Burke

While viewing the “Boston Strong” celebrations after the capture of the second Moslem terrorist, I thought of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. This might seem like an odd juxtaposition, but it was not a forced association: the link between Goethe and the white grazers of Boston seemed quite natural to me. Goethe was a great genius and a son of Christian Europe. In his masterpiece Faust he reveals a great understanding of the nature of evil and of the divine mercy of God. But in his work as a whole Goethe shows us a man divided into three parts. He is part Christian, part pagan, and partly the man of the future, uttering hopelessly banal trivialities about the profundity of the Hypsistarians (a religious sect…

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One Response to Our Race is Our Home

  1. Anti-NWO says:

    “Why would Christians bother to convert other peoples if is was not universalist?”

    Monotheism is problematic and ridiculous.

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