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Freelance Comment Of The Week: Chicks Dig Charlie Manson

Originally posted on Chateau Heartiste:
Days of Broken Arrows provides a short history of Charles Manson, convicted murderer, cult leader, psychopath, and alpha male with a knack for harem building and marrying much younger women while in prison for life.…

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How Far Does $100 Go In Your State? Here’s A Map That Shows You

Originally posted on Consumerist:
When people ask me why I moved from NYC back to Philadelphia a few years ago, I usually just show them my mortgage statement — or the fact that I can even afford a mortgage at…

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Boycott Chipotle

Originally posted on Aryan Skynet:
Wetbacks at Work There are, admittedly, arguments that can be offered in Chipotle’s defense: its regionalized procurement of fresh produce; the commitment of franchise founder Steve Ells to sustainable farming techniques and “food with integrity”;…

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