Predictions for the future 2

Tension will be in the air when Trump wins but it will abate somewhat eventually. Some black riots will occur on election night and a week thereafter. The police will “let it burn”. Police will be afraid to crack down on the rioters for fear of appearing “racist” or “brutal”. As time goes on, Trump will use the bully pulpit to restore order. Mainstream media will attack him, but with the rise of alternative media, they will have less influence over the population.

Trump will most likely choose Ted Cruz as his running mate. Cruz will rule after Trump for 4 years. Cruz rules even more to the right that Trump’s center right. Conservatives will view his presidency as good but flawed. In the second year and controversy will arise over military and Cruz will be blamed for it and will lose the next election to a liberal that will be Elizabeth  Warren or some woman like her. She will rule from the center left in a time of relative peace, but will be ineffectual in some matters. It will be an okay presidency which tweaks the system that the Right has built around the edges, smoothing out some of its excesses. The right wing population and congress won’t let her do anything more than that. Then the right takes over the presidency for another eight years.

For the next 24 years, there will be small scale wars especially in the middle east, but there will be no large scale wars with Russia or China.

Trump will make fair deals with poor nations in South America and do his best to ensure that corporations are not exploiting the people and favoring the elite. He is a rich man with the common man’s interest at heart. Small business will be favored over large corporations. Some large corporations will be split up at Trump’s behest.

The economy and employment numbers will improve for a while but robots, machines, technology, and internet are starting to replace more workers. Jobs are replaced as fast as they are created. The new jobs require more technical skill. Some may even choose to become cyborgs to get paid more money for their skills or to just stay employed.  Guaranteed basic income will be tried on a small scale to help veterans, homeless, and chronically unemployed. The income is offered as long as you do not reproduce. Becoming a cyborg will become increasing popular and remaining fully human will be looked down upon. I am influenced by on the cyborg prediction. I suppose cyborgs will appear in about 20 years.

Trump will build a beautiful wall on the border with Mexico with a big engraved T on it every mile. It will become a tourist attraction in the future, just like the great wall of China. It will take about 8 years to fully complete.

Improvements to the environment will steadily increase with new technology to clean it up. Suppressed technology will be released in some cases without saying that it was suppressed. This technology will be a boon with some bad side effects. It will make the populace more wealthy and life will be easier. Progress will be slow and steady.

Official disclosure of UFO’s or space aliens will not happen, but more unofficial disclosure and also disinformation will happen on the internet. Awareness of space aliens will grow and become more mainstream. It is an open secret that the government does not want to admit to save face and also to keep its population in the same mundane, slave mindset. The government is the savior, not aliens.

What about pie in the sky utopias, will they occur? Will everyone get a million dollar check in the mail from the government by NESARA? –No, funds and gold may be stashed away somewhere but it still will not be released to benefit humanity. There will gold and rumors of gold talked about on the internet by disinformation agents, the deluded, hoaxers, and those receiving disinformation from implants in their bodies. So-called “hopium” makes the population passive, but hopeful and entertained. Never ending stories about the utopia just around the corner will be told until the day you die.

Chemtrails will mysteriously disappear by Trump’s second year. No reasons will be given and no investigations will be made. It is a black operation that the government does not want revealed, but it is stopped because it is ruining health and environment.

The environment will be cleaner but global warming and climate change will be increasingly questioned by the public, experts, and alternative media. Weather modification by the military will be the reason for strange weather.

Wealth will gradually increase for all nations not affected by war.

Corporations and philanthropists gradually improve the lives of Africans in places without war. In a lot of cases, it is one step forward, too steps back. Family planning will be increasingly tied to aid.

All predominantly white nations will become unified against Muslim terrorism and alien immigration. This will enrage people in non-white countries and radical egalitarians.

Trump will break up public schools and make them all private schools; some will be quite experimental. Teaching will pay less, around 36k but it will be more enjoyable because students can choose teachers and teachers will have some leeway in choosing  students. Class size will be smaller around 12 on average. Teachers who are not good at teaching will be fired. Certification will not be required. Teaching will be based on performance, not certification. A lot of learning will go online, but face to face teaching will also be valued. Teaching becomes a business instead of a government project.










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