Predictions for the future regarding Trump, part 1

I’m doing this for fun and make no claims to its accuracy. I was walking in the woods and feel into a trance thinking about the future. Here’s what I came up with.

I call upon you, Odin, Thor, and Freya! May you old gods arise and give give me clear sight! Your child calls to you!

Trump will win the election 52 to 48 against Hillary. He will take 40 states and the ten most liberal states will go to Hillary by generally small margins.

Trump will send some illegals back home and the rest will self-deport. Legal Hispanics will remain in the country. There will be a moratorium on immigration for at least 10 years. There will not be a pro-white quota system put in place for immigration, just a moratorium.

Some Muslims will be sent home if they are security risks.

Jews will have less influence in government. Trump will not fight for Zionist causes. The mainstream media will continue to decline, so Jewish influence in the media will be less. A two state solution will split Israel to the north and Palestine to the south. A quarter of Jews will move to Israel. Some criminal Jews in finance and government will be arrested.

Freedom of religion will continue. Freedom of speech will be supported by Trump and go on. More  universities will support free speech over so called offensive speech.  Gun rights will become more popular and laws will be passed favoring gun rights.

Trump will clean house in government bureaucracy as much as he can within his power.

Trump will make good, fair trade deals with other nations. At first, other nations will despise Trump, but eventually his popularity rises.

Trump will unite all of Europe including Russia to fight Islam and stabilize the middle east with pro-western leaders. Middle East will be client states of the west, receiving benefits but under the control of the west behind the scenes. Militant Islam will be rooted out. As many as 100,000 troops from USA will be going to the middle east. They will be successful. The rules of engagement will mostly abolished. Leftists will accuse Trump of war crimes.

Liberal states will threaten to leave the union, but will still remain.

Enterprise zones will be set up in black neighborhoods. 25 percent of blacks will vote for Trump. Affirmative action quotas will be lessened.

Trump will be subtly pro-white but will not become an out and out white nationalist. Some white nationalists will be disappointed that he is not radical enough. Pro-white arguments will become increasingly mainstream. Some white nationalists will be elected to lower level offices in the state, local, and federal government.

There will be some race riots and tensions with blacks rioting, but no civil war will break out.

White population will move up to 70 percent. Hispanic population goes down to 8 percent. Blacks stay at 14 percent. Asians will be at 4 percent. Others will be at 4 percent.

White South Africans will be allowed to come to the country as refugees. Others refugees will be greatly restricted. Refugee programs will be prosecuted for fraud. Foreigners will be helped in their own countries and regions.

Trade deals will make America prosperous again by the end of Trump’s first term. It will take about 3 years to turn the economy around. Executive orders will be used to get around congressional gridlock. Courts will sometimes resist them.

Trump will rule with unflappable confidence; some will say arrogance. Approval rating will be at first 55 percent for Trump. It will dip down to 45 percent by year 3 of his term. It will go up to 55 percent near the end of first term. He will win the next election by a razor thin margin. 20 percent of the hardcore leftists in the nation will be livid with rage and hate that Trump won both elections, particularly in the universities. They will spew forth hatred for him and his followers. Students voting will go about 50 percent for Trump.

Here are the results for the first election for Trump:

At least 65 percent of the white vote goes to Trump with a very high turn out.

33 percent of Latinos vote for him with a low turn out.

25 percent of black vote goes to him with low turn out.

50 percent of the Asian vote goes to him.

10 percent of the Muslim vote goes to him.

45 percent of the American Indian vote for him.

20 percent of the Jewish vote for Trump.

80 percent of the Protestant vote for Trump.

60 percent of the Catholic vote is for him.

To be continued…








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