Japan, Social Engineering & The Blatant Depopulation Agenda

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Buy My Book, You Bigots!

Aryan Skynet

Most of my life has frankly been pretty tawdry and stupid, with few accomplishments I can claim for myself; but if I die tonight – culturally enriched in some dark alley by a vibrant Wakandan aerospace engineer or Freddied by one of Obama’s inspirational DREAM warriors – I can go to my ghetto grave with the consolation that my tenure here on earth has not been totally squandered. Today is in a way the climax of my existence – at least so far – as I can finally and proudly announce the publication of my long-in-the-works blockbuster book Protocols of the Elders of Zanuck: Psychological Warfare and Filth at the Movies!

Five years in the making, this book is the definitive Alt-Right statement on Hollywood, covering every topic from the glorification of war and the lionization of magic blacks to deep state plots and degenerate sexual practices in America’s…

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Predictions for The Future 3

Trump will also make all colleges private with no government financing or loans. Tuition will drop. Attempts will be made to make colleges more intellectually diverse with less left-wing dominance. Some colleges will go out of business because their degrees have no market value. Ethnic and women’s studies will become more unpopular due to their biases and will be shut down. Liberal arts degrees will still be offered at a lower tuition because they merely have cultural value, not market value. A cost/ benefit analysis will be presented with each degree by law so students can decide whether a degree leads to gainful employment.

There will slow and steady progress for all in the future, but it will not happen fast enough for those who like to complain.

Marriage, children, and family will continue to take a hit for freedom. Personal freedom will be valued over keeping families together. Divorce rates will be high. More women will choose to be full time homemakers if they can afford it. Children will suffer from divorce and lax public childcare, but there will be programs that will help the children of divorce.
Birth and marriage rates will continue to go down. The war between the sexes will continue to heat up. She will want his money for life and he will want to keep his money, pleasure, and freedom for himself.

Porn will be rampant and kinky desires will become more mainstream. Less judgement will be placed on sexual deviancy. Punishment for possession of child porn will be less because about 30 percent of men and 5 percent of women are looking at child porn online. Mostly the pictures are of preteens in sexy poses with little clothes on. Efforts to break abusive child sex rings will increase. If the child consents to sex, the charges against the adults may be lessened or eliminated in some states. People will have a more tolerant and sophisticated view of sex, but sex disease and unwanted pregnancies will increase until male contraception is invented and better protection is invented. Male birth control will not be created for men in the next 25 years because of feminists and the political climate which does not favor men getting such control. Strangely, rape will decrease because of porn, prostitution, and rape games being increasingly allowed to defuse anti-social sex fantasies.

People will start living in communities of interest in which they are similar in all categories and are like-minded. Such communities will reduce alienation, but some will choose to isolate themselves in the virtual reality of cell phones, video games, and the internet.

Leisure time will increase in the next 24 years; full time work will be considered 30 hours a week. People will often take 3 days off and work 4 days. Volunteering and hobbies will help them use their time constructively; others will fall into addictions of drugs and drink because of too much time on their hands. Guaranteed basic income will be given to more and more people who can’t find a job.

Marijuana will be legalized in ten of the most liberal or libertarian states. Small possessions of drugs will be decriminalized in about half the states. The war on drugs will go after bad highly addictive drugs that cause a lot of health and crime problems in society such as crack, heroin, and meth. The police will go after the dealers and producers, but leave the addicts alone to seek medical help. Psychedelic therapies will be legalized in some states and will benefit many. Illegal drug money laundering by banks, rogue government officials, and the dark cabal will be cracked down on. Many of the dark cabal will be arrested without saying that they are part of the ruling satanic elite families. They will not entirely go away. Their power will be greatly reduced. People will have more permissive and sophisticated view of drugs.

Gay marriage and adoption are here to stay although some scientific studies will show the negatives of the gay lifestyle and gay adoption on the population. It will still be legal to treat homosexuality as a disorder for those who want to get out of the gay lifestyle. Transsexual rights will become popular in some states, but not all. Some states will reduce sentences for adults having sex with teens if they are 15 or above. The legal age of consent will be changed to 15 in some states.

Religion in America will become a crazy patchwork quilt. 10 percent will be atheist, 25 percent will be agnostic or indifferent, 25 mainstream protestant or catholic, 15 percent will a mix and match mysticism from several religions, 10 percent will be Mormon, 10 percent will be fundamentalist christian, and 5 percent will muslim or jewish. Irrational cults will be a problem, but they are just a rip off, not necessarily violent or abusive.
People will turn against diversity and will seek out similar people who are like them in all categories. About 5 percent of the nation will still seek out diversity and they will live in their own diverse enclave.

Education will become more career-oriented. Career test will be taken by students around 12 years of age to determine aptitude for a career and then they will be trained for it. Cultural learning such as history or literature will be something that is done as a hobby or an elective, not as a requirement.

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Predictions for the future 2

Tension will be in the air when Trump wins but it will abate somewhat eventually. Some black riots will occur on election night and a week thereafter. The police will “let it burn”. Police will be afraid to crack down on the rioters for fear of appearing “racist” or “brutal”. As time goes on, Trump will use the bully pulpit to restore order. Mainstream media will attack him, but with the rise of alternative media, they will have less influence over the population.

Trump will most likely choose Ted Cruz as his running mate. Cruz will rule after Trump for 4 years. Cruz rules even more to the right that Trump’s center right. Conservatives will view his presidency as good but flawed. In the second year and controversy will arise over military and Cruz will be blamed for it and will lose the next election to a liberal that will be Elizabeth  Warren or some woman like her. She will rule from the center left in a time of relative peace, but will be ineffectual in some matters. It will be an okay presidency which tweaks the system that the Right has built around the edges, smoothing out some of its excesses. The right wing population and congress won’t let her do anything more than that. Then the right takes over the presidency for another eight years.

For the next 24 years, there will be small scale wars especially in the middle east, but there will be no large scale wars with Russia or China.

Trump will make fair deals with poor nations in South America and do his best to ensure that corporations are not exploiting the people and favoring the elite. He is a rich man with the common man’s interest at heart. Small business will be favored over large corporations. Some large corporations will be split up at Trump’s behest.

The economy and employment numbers will improve for a while but robots, machines, technology, and internet are starting to replace more workers. Jobs are replaced as fast as they are created. The new jobs require more technical skill. Some may even choose to become cyborgs to get paid more money for their skills or to just stay employed.  Guaranteed basic income will be tried on a small scale to help veterans, homeless, and chronically unemployed. The income is offered as long as you do not reproduce. Becoming a cyborg will become increasing popular and remaining fully human will be looked down upon. I am influenced by wespenre.com on the cyborg prediction. I suppose cyborgs will appear in about 20 years.

Trump will build a beautiful wall on the border with Mexico with a big engraved T on it every mile. It will become a tourist attraction in the future, just like the great wall of China. It will take about 8 years to fully complete.

Improvements to the environment will steadily increase with new technology to clean it up. Suppressed technology will be released in some cases without saying that it was suppressed. This technology will be a boon with some bad side effects. It will make the populace more wealthy and life will be easier. Progress will be slow and steady.

Official disclosure of UFO’s or space aliens will not happen, but more unofficial disclosure and also disinformation will happen on the internet. Awareness of space aliens will grow and become more mainstream. It is an open secret that the government does not want to admit to save face and also to keep its population in the same mundane, slave mindset. The government is the savior, not aliens.

What about pie in the sky utopias, will they occur? Will everyone get a million dollar check in the mail from the government by NESARA? –No, funds and gold may be stashed away somewhere but it still will not be released to benefit humanity. There will gold and rumors of gold talked about on the internet by disinformation agents, the deluded, hoaxers, and those receiving disinformation from implants in their bodies. So-called “hopium” makes the population passive, but hopeful and entertained. Never ending stories about the utopia just around the corner will be told until the day you die.

Chemtrails will mysteriously disappear by Trump’s second year. No reasons will be given and no investigations will be made. It is a black operation that the government does not want revealed, but it is stopped because it is ruining health and environment.

The environment will be cleaner but global warming and climate change will be increasingly questioned by the public, experts, and alternative media. Weather modification by the military will be the reason for strange weather.

Wealth will gradually increase for all nations not affected by war.

Corporations and philanthropists gradually improve the lives of Africans in places without war. In a lot of cases, it is one step forward, too steps back. Family planning will be increasingly tied to aid.

All predominantly white nations will become unified against Muslim terrorism and alien immigration. This will enrage people in non-white countries and radical egalitarians.

Trump will break up public schools and make them all private schools; some will be quite experimental. Teaching will pay less, around 36k but it will be more enjoyable because students can choose teachers and teachers will have some leeway in choosing  students. Class size will be smaller around 12 on average. Teachers who are not good at teaching will be fired. Certification will not be required. Teaching will be based on performance, not certification. A lot of learning will go online, but face to face teaching will also be valued. Teaching becomes a business instead of a government project.










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Predictions for the future regarding Trump, part 1

I’m doing this for fun and make no claims to its accuracy. I was walking in the woods and feel into a trance thinking about the future. Here’s what I came up with.

I call upon you, Odin, Thor, and Freya! May you old gods arise and give give me clear sight! Your child calls to you!

Trump will win the election 52 to 48 against Hillary. He will take 40 states and the ten most liberal states will go to Hillary by generally small margins.

Trump will send some illegals back home and the rest will self-deport. Legal Hispanics will remain in the country. There will be a moratorium on immigration for at least 10 years. There will not be a pro-white quota system put in place for immigration, just a moratorium.

Some Muslims will be sent home if they are security risks.

Jews will have less influence in government. Trump will not fight for Zionist causes. The mainstream media will continue to decline, so Jewish influence in the media will be less. A two state solution will split Israel to the north and Palestine to the south. A quarter of Jews will move to Israel. Some criminal Jews in finance and government will be arrested.

Freedom of religion will continue. Freedom of speech will be supported by Trump and go on. More  universities will support free speech over so called offensive speech.  Gun rights will become more popular and laws will be passed favoring gun rights.

Trump will clean house in government bureaucracy as much as he can within his power.

Trump will make good, fair trade deals with other nations. At first, other nations will despise Trump, but eventually his popularity rises.

Trump will unite all of Europe including Russia to fight Islam and stabilize the middle east with pro-western leaders. Middle East will be client states of the west, receiving benefits but under the control of the west behind the scenes. Militant Islam will be rooted out. As many as 100,000 troops from USA will be going to the middle east. They will be successful. The rules of engagement will mostly abolished. Leftists will accuse Trump of war crimes.

Liberal states will threaten to leave the union, but will still remain.

Enterprise zones will be set up in black neighborhoods. 25 percent of blacks will vote for Trump. Affirmative action quotas will be lessened.

Trump will be subtly pro-white but will not become an out and out white nationalist. Some white nationalists will be disappointed that he is not radical enough. Pro-white arguments will become increasingly mainstream. Some white nationalists will be elected to lower level offices in the state, local, and federal government.

There will be some race riots and tensions with blacks rioting, but no civil war will break out.

White population will move up to 70 percent. Hispanic population goes down to 8 percent. Blacks stay at 14 percent. Asians will be at 4 percent. Others will be at 4 percent.

White South Africans will be allowed to come to the country as refugees. Others refugees will be greatly restricted. Refugee programs will be prosecuted for fraud. Foreigners will be helped in their own countries and regions.

Trade deals will make America prosperous again by the end of Trump’s first term. It will take about 3 years to turn the economy around. Executive orders will be used to get around congressional gridlock. Courts will sometimes resist them.

Trump will rule with unflappable confidence; some will say arrogance. Approval rating will be at first 55 percent for Trump. It will dip down to 45 percent by year 3 of his term. It will go up to 55 percent near the end of first term. He will win the next election by a razor thin margin. 20 percent of the hardcore leftists in the nation will be livid with rage and hate that Trump won both elections, particularly in the universities. They will spew forth hatred for him and his followers. Students voting will go about 50 percent for Trump.

Here are the results for the first election for Trump:

At least 65 percent of the white vote goes to Trump with a very high turn out.

33 percent of Latinos vote for him with a low turn out.

25 percent of black vote goes to him with low turn out.

50 percent of the Asian vote goes to him.

10 percent of the Muslim vote goes to him.

45 percent of the American Indian vote for him.

20 percent of the Jewish vote for Trump.

80 percent of the Protestant vote for Trump.

60 percent of the Catholic vote is for him.

To be continued…








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Beats by Race

With whites, the favored beat is usually favored is light, straight, fast, without syncopation: boom chicka boom, polka,  or a rock and roll back beat come to mind. A train rolling over the tracks comes to mind.

With blacks, the favored beat is heavy, sensual, and emphatic. It calls attention to itself.

With latinos, the beat is usually a galloping beat that is complex and syncopated.

With jews, jazz comes to mind. It’s complex and chaotic. A lot of people of mixed race and jews are involved in jazz.

How beat-friendly are the races? Blacks and Latinos love the beat. Some whites have a history of not liking drumbeats. Classical music does not have any danceable drumbeat. Some country and bluegrass musicians in old times did not like drumbeats. And you can see why, because now most radio “country” sounds like watered down Lynnard Skynard rock music or worse.


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New Election, Same Old Blood


For my listeners and past readers, even the trolls among you, this info should certainly come as no surprise or as anything new. For we have shown that only the private bloodline, that preambled Posterity of those founding representatives of “white persons” can become president, and of course “they” are all related by their “legitimate” lineage written by hands in their own fabled genealogies. There is never a choice in these elections except between two cousins, not that the common public actually elects anybody by merely participating in the limited voting franchise. Voting is not electing. But that doesn’t stop anyone now does it? Voting here is only consent to standing under the State sovereignty as a principality, its majority political party, its representative(s) by agency, and nothing else. Only a fool would vote knowing his vote, no matter what, will only favor that which is opposed to him, that which enslaves him…

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